Custom Compositions - atlanta

Floral creations by Le Jardin Français are expressive and ornamental for celebratory events, and they also pacify the soul in times of grief, or loss. The customary designs result from the combination of elements in nature with unrestrained sophistication, creating symmetrical, aromatic structures. Specializing in white flowers (but not limited to), the designer integrates an array of garden flowers with lush foliages. The bouquets offered by Le Jardin Français are testament to the quality and expertise the designer places in each piece, with a visually concordant richness of color. The vessels used vary from simple, sleek, glass configurations to coarse, earthen, terra-cotta molds.





Seedpods, berries and colorful foliages are combined with garden roses and dry grasses in Autumn. Later, in Winter, the crisp tonality of whites and ivories are juxtaposed to the rich evergreen foliages of the season. Imagine the burgundy veins of frozen ivy and fragrant forest conifer boughs contrasting acid green hellebores and early narcissus. When nature wakes up in the early Spring, the new growth becomes the subject. Envision compositions of cherry tree blossoms and lilac sprouts, encircled by wreaths of fragrant evergreen honeysuckle. In Summer, blooming mints and thymes are arranged with wild flowers, viburnum foliages, and twigs from vines.

All of these elements and materials are transported inside, where nature’s spontaneity is replicated on a smaller, condensed, controlled scale. Our custom compositions can be delivered locally, and we will also assist you in placing orders nationally and internationally.