garden design - Atlanta

Our goal is to create a unique garden environment specifically for you and your way of living: herbs for the kitchen, flowers for the house, arbors to create different visual plans and height, paths to improve physical circulation through the garden.

 When we consult with you, we first get to know who you are. Then we study your site deciding how we can approach the realization of a new design. Often, we will start by providing you with detailed drawing of each area you would like to change. These can help you visualize different possible designs. Upon acceptance of the design, we will identify priorities and divide the realization of the project into phases. As the design evolves, designer and client are often inspired to create new areas for the future.

 A garden is never finished. It remains in constant evolution. We want an interesting look year round. Working with a variety of evergreen plants establishes a framework for the garden. We also add quality shrubs and perennials to the evergreen framework. This creates seasonal movement through color schemes. We will help you if you just need ideas, or we can find appropriate plant material for you, install it, build the structures, and even maintain it. Your garden will look beautiful throughout its natural evolution.